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Liliana Bolaños

Familiar del paciente Pariente consanguíneo Cáncer de colon en estadio III Utah
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My mother had experienced stomach pain and bowel issues for years.

Despite many ER visits, no doctors ever performed a colonoscopy, and the mass went undetected in the scans. When the mass was found, it was thought to be in her uterus, so she had a hysterectomy.

That’s when the mass was found in her colon and was too large to surgically remove. The tumor was so large that it had almost completely blocked off her colon.

It was frustrating that it went undetected for so long despite multiple attempts to received professional medical attention. If only the doctors had ordered a colonoscopy it would have been found years ago. It was very overwhelming and hard news to receive. We all cried and felt fear for the future. Especially considering how large the tumor was.

A colonoscopy is not pleasant by any means, but it’s better than quimioterapia and radiation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. And don’t listen to people that say only older people get colon cancer: It can happen to anyone. I would especially consider it if you have a history of stomach issues.

Something all members of Congress need to know is that colorectal cancer is no longer an issue for the older generation. It is now a leading killer of young adults in the United States. What does that have to say about our country?

I have struggled to find programs that allow me to get a colonoscopy at a reasonable price because I am 25 years old and am considered too young to be at risk for colon cancer.

This should not be the case when my mother was diagnosed at 43.

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